MAN produces four model variants of the City Bus rang that are impeccably suited for inner city transportation – double-deck, low-entry, low-floor, and low-floor articulated.

All City Buses produced by MAN have some common features. The diesel engines have all been designed using common rail technology and use additive free Euro 5 solution making them highly efficient and cost-effective.

These heavy-duty buses are exceptionally economical with outstanding scheduled maintenance intervals. Carefully designed for efficiency, reliability, and to be environmentally friendly, these buses deliver incredibly low fuel consumption and low noise emissions.

All MAN City Bus models come with EBS, electronically controlled air suspension and an electronically controlled hydrostatic fan drive as standard – with the added option of ESP.

With options of super low, low floor or step less chassis designs, 4×2 and 6×2 configurations and GVMs ranging from 18 to 28 tonnes, the City Bus range from MAN has an option to suit all requirements.

The MAN City Bus range offers the ultimate solution for inner city transportation.



cityheaderModel variants
  • Double-deck city bus
    • Increase your bus’s carrying capacity with our double decker bus.

  • Low-entry city bus
    •  This chassis has a step in the aisle (over the rear axle) so the floor from the front of the bus to the rear is not quite flat
  • Low-floor city bus
    •  This chassis has no steps in aisle of the bus, so from the front of the bus to the rear of the bus, the aisle is completely flat and step less
  • Low-floor articulated city bus
    • This chassis has a turntable in the middle of the bus and is step less, i.e. flat from the front of the bus to the rear. Here is an example of the articulated design.
MAN City Bus Features
  • Heavy-duty
  • Economical
  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Outstanding scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Options of low-floor, super low-floor or step less chassis design
  • EBS and optional ESP (double deck ESP as standard)
  • Two or three axles
  • Geared speeds
  • ECAS – Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
  • Electronically controlled hydrostatic fan drive
  • GVMs of 18, 19, 25, and 28 Tonnes
  • 320HP and 360HP
  • 4×2 and 6×2 configurations
  • 10.5L horizontal inline six cylinder engines