New campaign encourages operators to ‘Evolve to MAN.’

Media Release

MAN Automotive Imports, distributor of MAN trucks and buses, are encouraging operators to ‘Evolve to MAN’ through a new communications campaign that kicks off in July.

The campaign includes extensive print advertising, a new website and increased use of social media including facebook, twitter and YouTube for closer engagement and dialogue with its customer base.  The campaign will also be visible throughout MAN’s national dealer network.

The Evolution theme capitalises on MAN’s 254 year heritage of engineering excellence and the company’s continued evolution of truck, bus and engine design and innovation.

“MAN has a well-documented history of exceptional engineering and has always been at the forefront of original thinking and technological advances. This can be seen in our current range of trucks and buses,” said MAN General Manager Marketing, Don Hanson.

The communications campaign will focus on MAN’s core strengths including its advanced design, outstanding fuel economy, ergonomics and low ‘whole-of-life’ operating costs.

“We’re going to let people know what existing operators already know – that MAN is without doubt one of the best trucks on the market. Quite simply, our aim is to make MAN a truly aspirational truck and bus brand,” Mr Hanson went on to say.

“‘Evolve to’ is a great way of saying that an MAN truck or bus is the next logical step for your business,” Mr Hanson added.

The high visibility campaign is also designed to reinforce MAN’s commitment to the Australian truck market and the fact that the company and the established dealer network are here for the long haul.

MAN is currently enjoying an excellent start to the year with truck sales up 61% YTD compared to 2011. The new campaign will no doubt build on this momentum.