Australian School Bus Range

The MAN School bus range guarantees exceptionally efficient, durable and reliable vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly but also offer the most up to date and effective safety features on the market.

There are two chassis variant drives available, the ultra-economical RR8 19.290 which is both lightweight and durable with an incredibly fuel efficient 6.9L 290HP common rail diesel engine and rigid front axle and the heavy-duty RR8 19.320 which has a 10.5L 320HP engine and independent front suspension.

Both models come with standard features including a GVM of 19 Tonnes, EBS, ECAS, Cruise Control and fully automatic transmissions. Outstanding scheduled service intervals and additive free EURO 5 exhaust emissions ensure these school buses stand out from the crowd regarding energy and performance.

The school bus range from MAN guarantees exceptional on-road performance, extraordinary handling and low whole-of-life costs.




  • Whisper quiet
  • Exceptional on-road performance
  • Extraordinary handling
  • Outstanding fuel efficiency
  • Fantastic scheduled maintenance intervals
  • 4×2 configuration
  • High floor chassis
  • ECAS – Electronically Controlled Air Suspension
  • EBS and optional ESP
  • Electronically controlled hydrostatic fan drive.
  • Geared Speed
  • GVM 19 Tonnes