MAN TGS 8 Wheeler Truck

The TGS 8×8 all-wheel drive (AWD) truck is a powerful eight wheel truck perfect for a number of off-road applications.

Irrespective of the complexity of the application, the TGS 8×8 embraces the challenge. Regardless of the terrain, climate, and stresses and strains, MAN’s TGS AWDs are built tough to survive.

The AWD range ensures you are prepared for whatever the job throws at you. Whatever the environment (mining support, drill rig trucking etc) or application, or wherever maximum traction is needed (and with some models having disengageable all-wheel drive), our TGS 8×8 Truck range is up to the challenge.

With power distributed by a two-speed transfer case, planetary axles with higher groundclearance, differential locks, disc or drum brakes (platform dependent), and stabilisers, drivers can work secure in the knowledge that their AWD will back them.

The all-wheel drive cab chassis with twin steering is teamed with steel rear suspension, load-share front suspension and hub reduction drive axles. The addition of low and high range transfer cases and a GVM of 42,000kg, the TGS 8×8 truck has all your requirements covered.

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Trucking Applications

Mining, drilling, power and energy, and more.


Whatever the environment or application, or wherever maximum traction is needed, the TGS 8×8 truck all-wheel drive comes with a two-speed transfer case, planetary axles with higher ground clearance, and differential locks.

  • Highest ground clearance
  • GVM 41 tonnes for off-road application
  • Low & high-range transfer case
  • M cab
  • 480 horsepower
Power Options

MAN, D26 12.5L 480HP

  • Power rating 353kW @ 1,900rpm
  • Torque 2,300Nm @ 1,050 – 1,400rpm
  • Transmission Model ZF 12 AS 2330 DD
  • Transmission ratios 15.86 – 1.00
  • Standard differential ratio 3.08
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